Saturday, April 7, 2012

Third Book, New Book, More of KDP Select

Alright, I’m 27,000 words into this new book (Girl in the Globe), and still about 30,000 words into the third book in the Dragon’s of Witchcraft series. I’m not working on both books simultaneously, because that would just cause too much confusion, not to mention that both books are in different tenses. 

I’m having fun, albeit some trouble finding out where I want to go with this new book, but I’m writing more and more every day. The book is about Sunny, a fairy in a snow globe with a conscious mind who wishes to become human. Drew, the mean and spoiled girl who owns Sunny’s snow globe, unconsciously makes a wish that they could switch places after having a fight with her boyfriend.

It happens, and Sunny finds herself living Drew’s life, except a few people in school realize that’s he’s not really Drew. One of them being Drew’s boyfriend, Julian. Sunny’s character is meant to be bubbly, fanciful, and caring, but with a tendency to worry and over think things. I don’t have a cover page for the book yet, but I’m eager to get working on it.

The last free promo for Dragons of Witchcraft is going on now and tomorrow, for Easter weekend. I’m still thinking about entering the second book in the KDP Select, which I haven’t even done yet, even though I should since I’m not and can’t sell it anywhere else, according to KDP Select guidelines. In fact, I’m going to do it right now, this very second.

There we go. It’s done. Only took two seconds. I’m going to work harder so that the next couple of books come out sometime within the following few months. With editing and everything it might take longer than expected, but it’ll get done by the time Summer is over, I promise you that.