Monday, July 2, 2012


64000 words and Witherheart is done. It took me a month. I will give myself a week to edit it, and then I'll fuse it into my Aweber confirmation page. I'm so happy. Nonstop writing everyday for a month. It was pretty fun and I'm happy with the way it turned out. I do wish I could sell it, but I already promised that I would put it our free, and I will. I would love to have an e-list--definitely. After I'm satisfied that Witherheart can no longer be improved, I'll get off my ass and finish the third book in the Dragons of Witchcraft series. Perhaps I'll make the cover beforehand. Seeing the cover of a book always gives me motivation to finish it. The plot turned out quite different than I expected, but that's okay. Witherheart is a strange name for a boarding house, isn't it? Anjette (main character) thinks so too, as she describes sarcastically "as it had been so poetically dubbed." Lol. Making fun of myself there. I had the image of a gothic tower when I named it, not that there was ever a gothic tower with that name. But if there was, I wouldn't mind living in it.