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Dragons of Witchcraft (Book 1)

In exchange for saving her life, Paige is offered a devil's bargain by a creature named Andre. He originated in the form of a dragon who was accidentally changed into a human 300 years ago. He thinks Paige can turn him back, only she doesn’t know how. Refusing is not an option. Meanwhile, as she’s trying to figure it out, she is plagued with inexplicable meetings, death threats from Andre, and bizarre changes that are happening to her body as a result of what has properly been deemed "the contract." Now Paige has to decide how far she is willing to go to break the contract and get Andre out of her life forever, even if that means changing into something she's not.

Dragons of Witchcraft is the first book in a continuing series on

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The series continues with Paige and Andre struggling to find a way to undo the old contract. However, this time more is at stake than just the two of them. Someone is hunting them, and they must figure out who and why. Andre is injured, grounded without the use of his wings, and Paige is suffering a condition which threatens to take her life away. Bishop plays a bigger role this time around, forming a relationship with Paige and struggling with the disappearance of Phillip. A lot rests on Paige's shoulders as she must make a decision between suffering forever, or killing two people who are steadily becoming more and more important to her.

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Beads of Blood (Dragon's of Witchcraft: Book 3)

The final book in the Dragon of Witchcraft series has come, Beads of Blood. In half a year Paige Sawyer has faced love, death and rejection, and in this final installment comes to face much more. Decisions turn to struggles that will effect not just her life, but the lives of everyone around her. With Bishop gone, Paige and Andre grow ever closer, but with the danger factor greater than it's ever been, there's more putting their relationship to the test than just Phillip.

Includes a preview from Witherheart, my new dark fantasy!

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If asked years ago, Anjette Marquise would have said that vampires were real.That's what had killed her mother. Three years have past since that horrible night, and after living with her cousins and scornful aunt, she's cast into Witherheart, a  boarding house for troubled teens. There she meets Kegan, the quiet gentleman who's claimed to be her "guardian," a handful of friends, and a bigger handful of enemies. The past quickly becomes reality as Anjette comes face to face with her mother, walking dead and beautiful, and the monster whom she thought had killed her.

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The Hawthorn Cage (Witherheart Book #2)
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Locked away as a hostage of Cane, Anjette is forced to either fight or feign love if she ever intends to see Kegan again. Meanwhile, after a struggle with the news of his cousin's death, Zachary Dover throws himself into a blind search to find her alive. With the help of a young hunter and his sick father, a flimsy rescue team is formed. As trouble comes barreling from every corner, the group encounters an unexpected relative of Cane, claiming to be a friend. But can they trust this seemingly angelic creature with their lives?