Monday, November 9, 2015

Roots of Danu

Done with Third Witherheart book! Yeees! Official name Roots of Danu. I had to do some intense research on Ireland in order to write the last half of it. As of 11/8/15 I set up a pre-order on smashwords, as the book itself will be released on November 14 2015, On Saturday by the end of the week. My intention is to get it out before Thanksgiving and most definitely before Christmas.

Now working on a new book. There are a lot of references to Greek gods in terms of beauty, so I thought "Why not just make a book featuring Greek god?" Putting him in a modern setting gives an opportunity for humor in a fish-out-of-water sort of way. I'm enjoying writing about something other than vampires and withcraft. Compared to all that other stuff Greek gods are tame in comparison.

While I'm doing that I intend to follow up with that "Bundle Love" package. I'll have to work on formatting all three books into one workable file. With that I should be able to release all three to Amazon. There are complications there since the first book is free, and Amazon doesn't allow for free books outside of KDP Select.

When Roots of Dauu publishes to smashwords I will have a new update for you.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Bundle Love

Third book in the Witherheart seies is almost done and I'm so happy! I've been working like a dog (if dogs could write) and am loving it. It needs some serious reworking, but the direction is solid. I should have it out by the end of December or a little bit after (I might miss Christmas, though I'm trying my damndest).

I haven't put any of my Witherheart books on Amazon yet, entirely because Witherheart #1 is free, and Amazon doesn't condone free books.Right now they're available through Smashwords and their distributors (ibooks, B&N, Kobo, etc). I'm thinking about putting all three books out together as a bundle (though I'd rather not do that) as soon as the third one has been cleaned up. I'm looking forward to this Christmas!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halfway Through #3

It's been a while, I know, but I am still working. The third book in the Witherheart series is halfway done and I'm so happy to be working on it. The third book gives heavy focus to Kegan and the other boys since Anjette is captive and searching for a way out. Kegan is struggling with his change which I find to be one of the most important features in this installment, and something I want to see unfold for myself, as it will dramatically affect his relationship with Anjette.

The other books I've published are up on smashwords, but the Witherheart series is not on Amazon.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Second Witherheart Done

The second book in the Witherheart series is finally done, and I'm so happy. I just got through with my third or fourth editing. I need a cover and a title, and then I can post, though I've been busy doing technical research (bus schedules, formulas, etc), not to mention I went and re-edited the first Witherheart. I fixed some very minor grammatical errors and changed a few words, but other than that, I left it pretty much the same. I can't afford to change it too much--not without a proper editor.

Look forward to the new one.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Almost Done--again

I am so happy to earnestly be working on the second book in the Witherheart trilogy (or at least I'm aiming to make it into a trilogy). Work and so many other things have been getting in the way, and for a long time my motivation and inspiration was nowhere to be found. It's so hard to write effectively in that state of mind, but I thought about it every day. The second book (I've yet to come up with a working title) is a lot more brutal and plot oriented than the first one, the trails much harsher with severe consequences. Zachary comes back in this one. His attachment to his cousin grows and morphs, which has been fun and exciting for me as the author to develop. A new boy shows up who becomes very important. Writing his character gives me flashbacks of the Mortal Instruments series because his personality is snarky and egotistical, but he's also a fighter.

The book is fast on it's way to ending. I have it planned out already and am very much looking forward to writing it. If only I didn't have to sleep! I've been rereading Dracula in whatever spare time I have, and Steven King's On Writing, which I haven't touched in Lord knows how long. Reading is just as fun as writing, and when I'm doing one it always makes me want to to the other. A glutton is what I am.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Doing a Giveaway

I'll be doing my first giveaway near the end of the week. I'm so excited! I just finished doing my FINAL revision of Witherheart for this purpose. It kind of doesn't make sense because not only is Witherheart already free, but Dragons of Witchcraft is the series with multiple books. And it's finished. I should do a giveaway for that book, and I promise I will be, that is if Goodreads will allow it. If not, I could just do a giveaway on my blog. That'd be nice.

Witherheart 2 is fine in the making. It's being written in bits and pieces so it's hard to keep track of, but I wait anxiously for the day when I can start piecing them together to make a finished project. The story so far is quite different than that of the first Witherheart. Cane has actually trapped Anjette in his "manor." He holds her captive in a cage to keep her from the world, and himself. She doesn't know where Kegan is or if he's alive, where her friends are, her family, or her mother. She doesn't have a clue as to how she'll escape, or if she'll even be able to before Cane loses it and kills her.


Did I just unconsciously write a blurb?

Friday, April 19, 2013

YES! That's right. The new book is out, the last installment in the Dragons of Witchcraft series, Beads of Blood. I'm so so happy. This book took so long. Anyone following the series will tell you. I think it took about a year or something close, which is HORRIBLE. I've been working feverishly on the second book in the Witherheart series in between projects. I love it so far, but this post is about Beads of Blood.

Paige has gone through a lot in the series, and so has Andre. For a long while Bishop is out of the picture in this one, though he does come back. I'm not going to tell you when or how (you'll have to read to find out). Part of the reason I did this is because of how much screen time Bishop got in the last book. The crux of the story revolves around the relationship between Andre and Paige (being as how Andre was the one to forge the contract), and in the last couple of books I didn't feel as if they got enough time to develop. Now that it's mostly the two of them, they have a better opportunity to bond, which was next to impossible due to Bishop always being around. Anyone who has read the first couple of books knows how Andre feels toward Bishop, and how negatively it impacts his relationship with Paige.

Of course the romance factor his greater in this book. It was done entirely on purpose, and with purpose. I don't like it when love happens in a day. I hate it. That's why it took three books for Andre to finally come around. He's such a cold-hearted character, and for him to even like, let alone love somebody is bound to take time.

I do so love my characters and I'm sad to see them go. That's why it took so long to reach this point, as you know. Now that the chaos is over I feel as if I have more freedom to work on other books, and I'm excited to continue my journey. Who knows? One day I may bring Dragons of Witchcraft back! The ending did leave room for more . . .