Monday, November 9, 2015

Roots of Danu

Done with Third Witherheart book! Yeees! Official name Roots of Danu. I had to do some intense research on Ireland in order to write the last half of it. As of 11/8/15 I set up a pre-order on smashwords, as the book itself will be released on November 14 2015, On Saturday by the end of the week. My intention is to get it out before Thanksgiving and most definitely before Christmas.

Now working on a new book. There are a lot of references to Greek gods in terms of beauty, so I thought "Why not just make a book featuring Greek god?" Putting him in a modern setting gives an opportunity for humor in a fish-out-of-water sort of way. I'm enjoying writing about something other than vampires and withcraft. Compared to all that other stuff Greek gods are tame in comparison.

While I'm doing that I intend to follow up with that "Bundle Love" package. I'll have to work on formatting all three books into one workable file. With that I should be able to release all three to Amazon. There are complications there since the first book is free, and Amazon doesn't allow for free books outside of KDP Select.

When Roots of Dauu publishes to smashwords I will have a new update for you.

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