Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finally Did It

I'm looking at my clock right now and it reads 5:39am (oh yeah) so forgive me if I make mistakes.

Anyway I finally entered into the KDP Select. I know I've been talking about doing it for a week now, but yesterday I finally clicked the button. I'm going to have my book free for two days, starting this Friday. I'm kind of excited. Since I don't have a lot of books out I'm not expecting a LOT, but it never hurts to cross your fingers. I'm desperately trying to get the editing done for the second book so I can put it out before the free promo launches for my first book. I'll also have my first review out so, that'll be something for me to look forward to. I really forget that it's only been two months since my book's been out, if even that, but it feels like it's been years. Maybe because I'm working so hard.

I really want an editor for my second book. As soon as I can afford it, I'm getting one. I'm also working on a novella. Only recently have I thought about putting up shorter stories, and I'm quite excited to do it! It'll be so nice to take a break from first person POV. I really should have stuck with that POV in the first place, but it's too late now. Just as well, I'm already used to Paige's sarcastic voice and I've grown quite attached to it.

The third book I'm working on for the Dragons of Witchcraft Series won't be out for months, but I'm almost 30,000 words into it. It's like running a never ending marathon. You get water breaks, but ultimately it never stops. The novella I'm working on (and it's the first time I'm mentioning it anywhere) is called Girl In The Globe. Pretty straight forward title. I'm a lover of fantasy and I see potential there.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Now Uploading

I've worked harder on this book than I ever have on anything in my entire life. For the past week all I've done is read, write, and edit. I only ate once a day, hardly went to the bathroom, never went outside, didn't exercise, didn't play games, didn't talk to ANYONE, and my sleeping schedule's an absolute train-wreck. Now don't take these as complaints, because they're not. Despite the craziness, I actually enjoyed doing it.

I went to, ordered a proofing copy, sat for two days reading the whole thing and marking the pages with red ink, fixed my word doc., re-formatted for kindle, and then uploaded it. This is ALL after changing the entire POV of my book.

Paige was entirely too uptight and mature, and I struggled in making her sound more her age. She's sarcastic, independent, and cares for her family and friends a great deal. This is the personality I hoped to get across with my writing, and only time will tell if I succeeded.

I just uploaded my new cover:

Background provided by awesome Brenda Starr on

and the edited document, and am currently waiting for publication. I changed the price to $2.99 to see how it goes, at least until the second book, Cinder Halo, has been edited and released too. I already made the new cover for that one:

and hope to get this thing done anywhere between this week and next week. I don't know when I'll enroll in KDP Select. I was hoping to get the second book out when I did that, but who knows, that could change in the next few days, depending on how frustrated I get by lack of sales.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I unpublished both my books from the Amazon Kindle market two days ago. This is because I'm editing. I know it's unnecessary to take the books down while I do this, but I just didn't feel right leaving them up. With every mistake I found I would think "Oh lord, and it's up there right now, live. People are actually seeing this . . ."

I'm having several people look at my work now, and I don't know when I'll be back up. I'm also looking for a new cover artist. Proud as I may have been for the measly one I created, I'm sensible enough to know that it's just not good enough. It's not the kind of cover that draws in readers. Pretty? I guess, but also a little . . . cheap?

Once everything is taken care of, I plan to enroll in the KDP Select. Now there has been a lot of religious talk going around about the KDP Select, but with a little research I found that enrolling would be best for me personally. That’s because KDP Select offers an exponential amount of exposure that is crucial for a nobody like me. Having my book up there for 90 days is no big deal, especially when I can choose any days out of those 90 to promote my book free. That’s really something, and authors have seen a lot of success with that.

Before that happens, I have to make sure that my books are as clean and perfect as I can make them. When people actually read the content, I want them to think that my books are more than just pretty covers.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beta Reading

The world really makes it hard to find beta readers.

I edited my book 11 times. That means I re-read the whole thing eleven times over the course of six months, and it's still not good. As all authors, editors, and publishers will say, HAVE SOMEONE READ YOUR WORK. Fact of the matter is, you just can't see all your mistakes. It's not possible.

A second pair of eyes has to present or else you risk skipping over big errors. Sometimes screaming errors. As an indie, one should take every single step they can to make the best product possible. Some don't take their work seriously and post whatever they think will make them a quick buck, and that is an egregious mistake.

Turning your bad manuscript into a good manuscript, and a good manuscript into a great manuscript. Why would one ever skip the opportunity? Some people would rather pay for ads than editors, and that's sad, because editors are worth so much more. Even a friend can help.

I myself am searching for groups who beta read. Some can be found on Goodreads, Livejounal, and fictionpress. Forums are a great help too, and some are even willing to swap stories.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

What I'm Learning

I'm an amateur. No need to hide it. However, amateur as I may be, I'm an amateur with dreams, willpower, and two books already up on Amazon (which aren't really doing anything, but still).

I just published a month ago and the thought that someone out there actually bought my book, with or without the intention of reading it, was so exciting! It made me want to try much harder to get the third book out, and then another, and I'm even thinking about doing some short stories for experiment. I've begun doing reviews on goodreads, and have contacted some book bloggers, few of which said they'd be happy to review my book. So awesome. I worship those people, even if they take forever to do it, because if it's one thing I learned from research is that Reviews account for a helluva lot.

People like Joanna Penn, Stephen Lewis and JA Konrath are all bloggers who've become Kindle authors and give excellent information on those striving to be successful.

All have fantastic information, and a lot of them give the same kinds of advice for indie authors. I've compiled a mental list myself.

1. Edit. I edited my first book Dragons of Witchcraft 11 times and am still finding mistakes. Crazy and distressing.

2. Have lots of books. Right now I only have two completed ones and a bunch of untapped ideas, first drafts, and samples that will never see the light of day.

3. Get reviews. Book bloggers, lists, and making use of your e-book to ask for them.

4. Experiment with pricing. Since no one knows my books exist, there's really not much of a point, but as most authors do, I set the first one to $.99 and the second to $2.99. Both have had a least a few sales. I don't consider myself capable of moving into the Trump Hotel anytime soon, but I'm crossing my fingers as hard has I can. (ha ha ha)

These are just a short few, but so many more tips exist that I simply suggest checking out the original sources.