Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I unpublished both my books from the Amazon Kindle market two days ago. This is because I'm editing. I know it's unnecessary to take the books down while I do this, but I just didn't feel right leaving them up. With every mistake I found I would think "Oh lord, and it's up there right now, live. People are actually seeing this . . ."

I'm having several people look at my work now, and I don't know when I'll be back up. I'm also looking for a new cover artist. Proud as I may have been for the measly one I created, I'm sensible enough to know that it's just not good enough. It's not the kind of cover that draws in readers. Pretty? I guess, but also a little . . . cheap?

Once everything is taken care of, I plan to enroll in the KDP Select. Now there has been a lot of religious talk going around about the KDP Select, but with a little research I found that enrolling would be best for me personally. That’s because KDP Select offers an exponential amount of exposure that is crucial for a nobody like me. Having my book up there for 90 days is no big deal, especially when I can choose any days out of those 90 to promote my book free. That’s really something, and authors have seen a lot of success with that.

Before that happens, I have to make sure that my books are as clean and perfect as I can make them. When people actually read the content, I want them to think that my books are more than just pretty covers.

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