Thursday, December 13, 2012

Beads of Blood

I’ve been a bad girl, haven’t I? With how long it took me to post again I should be strung up, but you know how life goes. I’m one chapter away from being done the third book in the DOW series. It does indeed look like the end, even though there’s always room for more. A kind of tragic, yet happy ending. Not everyone can get their fairytale, I suppose.

It turned out way way longer than I had imagined. I still have editing to do, a lot of cutting, a lot of grammar work, but I’m looking forward to it.

I finally lowered the price of my first book now that the third book in the series is well on its way to coming out. I have a few people who said they were looking forward to it, and I’m happy to deliver it, finally. I’ve also been anticipating working on another series. Never would I dream about working on two simultaneously. There was that long one month break I took from the DOW series to write Witherheart, and even though it only took me a month, now I’m looking back on it as being sort of irresponsible.
But I like Witherheart.

I do have a title for my third book. Beads of Blood. I’ve yet to work on the cover page, but I’m trying to get that out as soon as possible so that the public has an image to associate with the book. Plus, I just love doing cover art. I would have just been a freelance cover artist if I didn’t enjoy writing so much.

The third book should be out around Christmas, hopefully. I’ve been working very hard for that goal, but time is just flying by so quickly. But trust me, if this wasn’t something I enjoyed with all my heart, I wouldn’t be doing it.