Sunday, November 17, 2013

Doing a Giveaway

I'll be doing my first giveaway near the end of the week. I'm so excited! I just finished doing my FINAL revision of Witherheart for this purpose. It kind of doesn't make sense because not only is Witherheart already free, but Dragons of Witchcraft is the series with multiple books. And it's finished. I should do a giveaway for that book, and I promise I will be, that is if Goodreads will allow it. If not, I could just do a giveaway on my blog. That'd be nice.

Witherheart 2 is fine in the making. It's being written in bits and pieces so it's hard to keep track of, but I wait anxiously for the day when I can start piecing them together to make a finished project. The story so far is quite different than that of the first Witherheart. Cane has actually trapped Anjette in his "manor." He holds her captive in a cage to keep her from the world, and himself. She doesn't know where Kegan is or if he's alive, where her friends are, her family, or her mother. She doesn't have a clue as to how she'll escape, or if she'll even be able to before Cane loses it and kills her.


Did I just unconsciously write a blurb?