Thursday, February 21, 2013

 Third book in the DOW series, Beads of Blood, will be out within the next month or so. I'll give you an exact date soon, so stay posted.

I'm definitely going to do a second book in the Witherheart series. The ending of the first one left too many questions, and I already have a plot laid out with new characters. I'm really excited to write it. I have some words written already and am feverishly trying to wrap up the last book in the DOW series so I can dive headfirst into it.

Slap me in the goddamn face for being this late on the bandwagon, but I just finished the Hobbit last month. For three days I was addicted like crack and read it every night until I passed out. Every day I couldn't wait to finish writing so I could read it. I love it so much and never wanted it to end ever, but when it did, I have to admit that I did give a little sigh of relief. Then I immediately started rereading it all over again.

I was first introduced to that book in Middle School and didn't give a flyin flip about it when the teachers handed them out for us to read. It was too complex for me at the time. Lo and behold, I actually had to wait until I was in my damn 20's to understand it, and I have to say, I appreciate it so much more. Now I have to see the movie, which isn't even out in theaters anymore. (I shall buy the DVD!) I can't get enough of Dwarves. I'll admit I'm more likely to write about tall, lean and fair haired elves, but Gimli will always be my first love.