Friday, May 11, 2012

What's Happenin'

As an indie writer sometimes I just have those days where I'm typing something and think "What the f*ck am I doing this for?" I won't say today was one of those days, but trust me when I say I've had plenty of em. But then I think back to everything I've written and done and think, "Wow. It's only been 4 months."

 4 months and three books. Not bad. Like I said before in one of my previous posts, it feels like it's been years. I think that's really great. The second I graduated it just seemed as if time was flying by, that one day I would wake up and be 30. Then 40, then 50, then writing a will. Writing makes time go by slower. Whether or not my writing becomes popular or recognized, it leaves evidence of all those months left behind. Wait, what am I saying? I'm too young to be talking like that. I'm only in my 20's.

Anyway, KDP Select sales are finally dwindling. I put my second book out for free for a couple of days last week and got more returns from the first book then when I made it free. I'm not disappointed. Hell, it's only been two books. Why am I so impatient? Probably because I'm young and I feel like I've put so much time and energy into those two books. Which I have. Writing is hard work. But! It's hard work I enjoy.

I finally got my first 5 star review on Amazon some time ago for my first book. That made me incredibly happy and inspired me to write faster. I'm sooo looking forward to finally working on the third book again. Several people have said they look forward to reading it, and I'd love to have them read it! I've missed the trio quite dearly.

One thing I aspire to do with the third book is include more characters. I don't think I have enough characters in my series. Ben became a new addition in the second book--kind of an asshole--but at least he was there for the party. I try to keep count with my fingers sometimes. Paige, Andre, Bishop, Phillip, Ben, and Ellis, which are mostly all my plot characters, and then my other characters which serve as support beams for Paige's life, like her parents, Arthur, and even her brother Daniel.

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