Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yay! Witherheart is free!

On smashwords that is. And they do have a little distribution thing, but on the smashwords site it's free. Witherheart was intentionally written to be a free book. I put it out there with a price of $2.99 just to see what would happen, and then decided, what the hell. Why not make it free?

It's not a part of the DOW series at all and wasn't meant to be. I'm a lover of paranormal, and so that's what I write. I'm very busy editing and loving it, as I've mentioned before, even though it is so much work. I'll be so happy when the third one is finally out, because it will give me a chance to concentrate on other books. Witherheart is such a book. I would love to make sequals, but I would also love a chance to get acquainted with different characters.

I know I spend a lot of time talking about books I write, but I would like to spend some time talking about books I read too. I love love love paranormal YA and always will, but I also get down with the classics as well. I think I told you guys I read Dracula by Bram Stoker for the first time. It was like, months ago that I finished it and I loved it. Very melodramatic, but beautifully written and I had a hard time coming across a character that I didn't like.

I've also read books like Paranormalcy, the Mortal Instrument Series, the Darkest Powers series, the Hunger games, Angel, and some indie books like Tales of the Vampire Bride, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Some indies write terrific books! I'm proud to be one.

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