Monday, July 18, 2011

write and lose weight wtf part 2

(Blogging on my phone is ass because i can`t write commas so bear with me.) I used to have this fear of writing all day sitting down and gaining weight while i did it. I had this image of sitting at my desk drinking energy drinks and stuffing cookies into my mouth to fuel the sugar rush but i never wound up doing that. And i have no intention of doing that. When im not writing (and that is actually a rather large time frame) i find time to do my zumba tapes and walk. And one thing i learned from weight watchers is to drink a lot of water. A lot. 8 glasses a day. I hate water. I hate crystal light and anything that tastes like it. But i still try to drink as much water as i can and at room temperature so i can do it fast without worrying about freezing my throat with water right out of the fridge. If you`re wondering how much weight ive lost its somewhere around 30 pounds. Maybe i`ll post a before and after picture for you one day when im famous. Ha ha ha ha

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